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Often veteran patient get confused about the benefits of Social Security (SS) and VA disability systems.

These two programs are independent of each other and thus veterans are eligible for both.

They both require extensive medical records and supporting medical opinion.

The VA benefits are dependent on service connected primary or secondary disabilities whereby the SS system is based simply on the medical conditions and service connection is not a requirement.

I write opinions for both systems and I have been a expert witness for both types of Judges and adjudicators (raters).

Each system of benefits influences the others decisions but neither the VA nor the SS systems by the others awards.

Recommendation:  Each patient should obtain a well-documented medical opinion after an exam to submit to either SS or VA before the SS or VA exams - especially if the patient is at the appeal level.

(Without a good medical opinion the patient is often left using the opinion from VA employed or SS employed physicians and often these opinions are somewhat biased in favor of the requesting organization as the requested medical questions are often narrowly prescribed thus the full extent of the disabilities is not well developed or documented in the medical opinion.)

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