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                          Why Use Veterans Medical Advisor?

Dr. Bash is a veteran of

1. Veterans medical evaluations that meet VA-specific guidelines.

Dr. Bash has testified as an expert at Regional Offices and at the Board of Veterans Appeals. He has worked for years on Veterans cases with success.

Since 1986, Dr. Bash has concentrated his practice on completing independent medical evaluations (IMEs) for disabled veterans. Dr. Bash will analyze your medical record and prepare a written statement presenting all medically sound evidence that can help ensure a positive decision.

Often, veterans say the VA Compensation and Pension system is stacked against them. For instance, a common complaint is that C&P examiners do not have time to review medical records properly or do a thorough exam.

Veterans need someone who knows the system. With a thorough independent medical evaluation, some veterans can avoid delays caused by incomplete or inaccurate C & P exams, as well as avoid any need for legal representation.

Dr. Bash is both a board certified physician and a former VA-accredited service organization representative. His 20 years experience as a physician, and his VA background adds credibility for each IME he painstakingly prepares.

With two decades of experience, Dr. Bash knows what evidence the VA or the Social Security Administration must have to rule in your favor. He specializes in presenting your medical evidence to meet the requirements for filing claims or appeals with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other disability programs.

As a disabled (quadriplegic) veteran himself, Dr. Bash understands the medical and administrative needs of fellow veterans. He works closely with the veteran, their family, and close friends. Dr. Bash also works closely with veterans service organizations and lawyers who represent veterans. He will be glad to work with anyone who is representing you.

A well-prepared statement could make the difference between receiving a positive rating decision and being declined. He is highly skilled with claims assistance, which has yielded crucial medical benefits such as, access to hospital care, medications, and surgeries and significant retroactive monetary awards (back pay). As a veteran who served your country with honor, you deserve the most accurate and fair decision possible.

How does someone contact Dr. Bash?

Call 925-381-7561

This is the phone number for my support person, Skip. If he is not able to answer as he is helping other Veterans, please leave a name and number and he will call you right back!

Referrals, if needed.

If you need assistance outside the parameters of Dr. Bash's medical and administrative advice, he will gladly refer you to veterans service organizations, private lawyers, or others who can help you. Please send a detailed e-mail to Dr. Bash, if you think you need further assistance.

Note: Remember, Dr.Bash may be able to help PTSD claims, if, and only if, the client already has a diagnosis of the exact disorder.

Dr. Bash is a busy Washington, D.C. physician so please be persistent in contacting him. 

Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A. -- Associate professor

Cell/Text Skip - 925-381-7561 

Dr. Bash in 2021

Dr. Bash in 1986



Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A.

Neuro-Radiologist and Associate Professor

Uniformed Services School of Medicine


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Cell/Text Skip - 925-381-7561

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