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  Independent Medical Evaluations Areas of Interest & Training

Dr. Bash is a veteran of

As an active medical researcher, and a board certified physician, Dr. Bash can assess most medical conditions or concerns. That includes the analysis of most diseases and injuries a veteran might develop in connection to his or her military service. Please see his list of Areas of Interest/Training.


Dr. Bash's board certification in diagnostic radiology required him to complete rigorous examinations in the following areas:

Pulmonary (Chest)

Musculo Skeletal (Bone)

Gastro Intenstinal (GI)

Geintal Urinary (GU)



Nuclear Medicine
Breast Imaging (Mamography)

Dr. Bash's medical assessments include these and other complex medical issues.

Note: Dr. Bash usually does not evaluate psychiatric conditions, vaccine reactions or injury, or certain skin disorders related to chemical exposure; however, he can refer the veteran to a specialist who can help.

Dr. Bash is a busy Washington, D.C. physician so please be persistent in contacting him. He is willing to help veterans, but be aware that time with him is precious. Do all you can to preserve and make useful the time he can give to your case.


Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A.

Neuro-Radiologist and Associate Professor

Uniformed Services School of Medicine


4938 Hampden Lane
Bethesda, Md 20814

Cell/Text 925-381-7561
Fax 301-951-9106