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                                            VA Experience

Dr. Bash is a veteran of

Listed below are some Dr. Bash's experiences with the VA, which involves veteran medical opinions:

  1. Over 4000 patient independent veteran medical opinions-IMOs/IMEs.
  2. Over 500 Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) cases processed with veteran medical opinions.
  3. Over 1000 name mentions in Court of Veterans Appeal (CVA) with veteran medical opinions.
  4. Over 50 Personal expert witness testimonies/veteran medical opinions for veterans at regional office rater/ DRO and Board of Appeals levels.
  5. Over 50 site visits to 20 of the largest VA tertiary care hospitals with veteran medical opinions on quality of care for hospitalized spinal injured veteran in and outpatients.
  6. Over 20 VA nursing home visit with associated veteran medical opinions on quality of care.
  7. Over 10 VA clinic visits with associated veteran medical opinions on quality of care.
  8. Over 3 years as a medical director for Paralyzed Veterans of America. (PVA).
  9. Over 7 veteran service organizations have used my veteran medical opinion reports.
  10. Over 40 lectures to large groups of veteran service officers.
  11. Over 50 VA advocacy lawyers have used my Veteran Medical opinions.
  12. Over 3 years as a resident in radiology at the Washington DC VA hospital.
  13. Over 6 years as a member of Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Spinal cord research committee.
  14. Over 10 years as research director of Shapiro spinal cord research foundation for vets/non-veterans.
  15. Over 3 years studying spinal cord CSF flow in veterans and non-veteran patients at the NIH.
  16. Over 15 years studying Multiple Sclerosis in vets/non-veterans with research MRI scans at the NIH.
  17. Over 25 years teaching Uniformed Services medical students medical issues common in Veterans.
  18. Over 12 “Bash Bulletins” concerning veteran medical opinions on my web site.
  19. Over 30 years as an over 100% service connected for my own spinal cord medical issues.
  20. Over 5 months as an inpatient in Boston West Roxbury VA hospital.
  21. One year as Neuro-radiology Fellow at University of Maryland/Shock Trauma/Baltimore VAMC.
  22. Helped formulate VA formulary, VA clinical practice guidelines for spinal cord and Multiple Sclerosis.
  23.  Advised VA committee on benefit/care guidelines for VA offspring with Spina Bifida.
  24. SES level committee chairman for CDC injury prevention (veteran and non-veteran) sub-committee.

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Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A.

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