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Dr. Bash is a veteran of

I can help with your Veteran benefits or social security benefits claim by providing and nexus letter which is also called an independent medical opinion (IMO) for Veteran benefits.

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Please copy all of your veteran benefit records and sign the form at the bottom of this email.

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Lay statements for veteran benefits

Can be useful under certain conditions as per court decisions. (U.S. Circuit Court 3 judge decision Jandreau Vs Nicholson 2007-7029 [Judges Michael, Bryson and Dyk])

"...lay evidence can be competent and sufficient to establish a diagnosis of a condition when (1) a layperson is competent to identify the medical condition (2) the layperson us reporting a contemporaneous diagnosis, or (3) lay testimony describing symptoms at the time supports a later diagnosis by a medical professional..."

Please see some of my veteran benefits wins below:
Lumbar spine injury granted 56 years later - Citation #0121429
C-spine injury granted 38 yrs later - Citation #0714044
Hearing loss 2007 - Citation #0710335
BVA Head injury/ seizures and TDIU - Citation #0709818
Lyme disease 2007 - Citation #0706719
cardiac cause of death 2007 - Citation #0723823
TDIU 2007 - Citation #0701620
Hepatitis C granted 2007 - Citation #0731743
Granted post-op pain syndrome 2007 - Citation #0715254
2008 Granted thoracic and lumbar spine 18 years later - Citation #0809142
2008 Spine win 14 years later - Citation #0812782
2008 paratracheal mass - Citation #0818749
2008 Gunshot to foot - Citation #0918959
Sleep apnea and asthma and Bechet's disease 2009 - Citation #0905272

Philosophy and information

  1. I have a similar philosophy as attorney David Hoffman and that is to " help as many people as I can---- for as long as I can."
  2. Another attorney, Clark Evans, an Arkansas attorney, who handles veterans' disability and pension claims, says there are three steps that must be met for a veteran to satisfy the VA's requirements for a "well-grounded" disability compensation claim: "The first is medical evidence of a current health problem. Secondly, you must prove that an injury or disease occurred or was aggravated while in active military service. The third is proving a nexus or link between one and two. VA turns down thousands of claims each year by saying "no nexus"."
  3. The need for a doctor's medical opinion linking the veteran's disability to military service is critical. Evans noted essentially that only the opinion of a doctor will establish that needed medical link. That's the rule--it's been upheld in court--like it or not that is the way it works.
  4. How to organize your VA claim for the VA raters? I suggest John D. Roche's The Veteran's Survival Guide: How to File and Collect on VA Claims. (You can use this format for the VA raters but I can simply review all your medical benefit records without need for specific organization.) Please see pg. 218 for an excellent technique for organizing a VA claim. You can purchase Roche's book from Potomac Books, Inc on line at Potomac Books Inc.
  5. The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) for veteran benefits is located Here

 I can help with malpractice, 1151 and tort Claims and the veteran benefit awards from these claims are inter-related with compensation benefit awards as follows:

There can be circumstances under which benefits other than disability pensions will be offset against a recovery in the setting of the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). He provided the following example:

Let's say that a veteran is the victim of a medical mistake on the part of VA healthcare providers, and he or she applies for non-service-connected compensation, also called 1151 benefits. If granted, that application can result in a monthly compensation payment, which is usually modest.

If the same vet goes on to recover a lump-sum payment under the FTCA, then their monthly 1151 payments will be stopped for the period of time it takes to offset the larger award given under the FTCA. Not surprisingly, Uncle Sam doesn't permit a double recovery of disability benefits and tort damages for the same injury. Also, need-based pension payments, including aid-and attendance payments and widows or survivors benefits, can sometimes be offset against a lump sum recovery from a tort claim.

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If the decision is not favorable to you:
(1) You may file a motion for reconsideration of this BVA decision at the following address: Board of Veterans' Appeals, 810 Vermont Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20420. Your motion may be in the form of a letter. It should state clearly and specifically which issue or issues you want the BVA to reconsider and the specific reasons why the BVA should reconsider the issue or issues.

(2) You may have the right to appeal this decision to the United States Court of Veterans Appeals (the Court). You may appeal to the Court a final decision of the BVA that follows a notice of disagreement filed on or after November 18, 1988. A notice of appeal must be filed with the Court within 120 days from the date of mailing of the notice of the BVA decision. The date of mailing is the date that appears on the face of the BVA decision. The Court's address is: The United States Court of Veterans Appeals, 625 Indiana Avenue, NW., Suite 900, Washington, DC 20004.You may obtain information about the form of the notice of appeal and the amount of any filing fee from the Court. You should also mail a copy of the notice of appeal to the VA General Counsel (027), 810 Vermont Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20420. However, the VA General Counsel is not a part of the Court and filing a copy of your notice of appeal with the VA General Counsel or any other VA office WILL NOT protect your right of appeal.

In addition to these rights, you may also reopen your claim by submitting new and material evidence to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) office where your claim originated. VA may not consider another claim on the same factual basis. Reopening your claim will not affect this BVA decision, but your reopened claim may be granted on the basis of new and material evidence which supports your claim.

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