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*The following excerpt was taken directly from the veterans letter 

To all Veterans : Dr. Bash is the most knowledgeable and professional Doctor that I have had the pleasure of talking with during the handling of my claim with the Veterans Administration. Without him and his medical expertise, and his IME’s he wrote after carefully going through all my medical records, X-Rays, MRI’s etc., I truly feel that the VA would never have granted me mine. I would have lost.  If you are now going through the claims process I highly recommend contacting Dr. Bash to have him on your side, since the VA will have lots of Doctors on their side.  Dr. Bash will be a true asset to you in going through the claims process.  So I would, and have, recommended him and will to all.  He is also a Veteran the same as you, a brother in arms, he served his Country and now he is here to help those injured while in the service of their nation to receive what is owed to you.

Thank You - Sincerely
Ronald Cullen ( Veteran )
North Dakota


Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A.

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Uniformed Services School of Medicine


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