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Fee Schedule

Dr. Bash offers a holistic total body approach to ratings and charges a flat fee in order to analyze a veteran’s full spectrum of medical issues related to direct service-connection and/or secondary/aggravating conditions.

In some cases, Dr. Bash utilizes a variable fee schedule which is based on several factors including complexity of issues and number of claims; type of disability claim request (VA, Social Security Disability, FERS, etc.); number of DBQ’s; time constraints associated with approaching intent-to-file deadlines; review of conflicting VA opinions/decisions; number of pending retroactive claims; clear and unmistakable errors/tort/1151 claim; and other requests.

There is no one-size-fits-all as it relates to service-connected disabilities and Team Bash will thoroughly consider your individual need(s), discuss a plan of action and clarify the appropriate fee structure as it applies to your unique situation.



I understand that patients shop for the least expensive IMO/IME (veteran medical nexus opinion) fee but not all physician services are the same. 

I provide a very high quality report and I am the only doc doing this work full time in the USA and have been for past 20+ years during which I have done more than with a 4000 pts cases (40,000 different claims) for a 90% success rates.  The work I did for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) over a decade resulted in a near 100% success rate at the BVA appeals level where usually the success rate is in the 20-26% range.  My extremely high success rate was likely due to case selection by the VFW whereby they only gave me cases that contained gross medical errors 

Recently, inexperienced IME doctors have begun to advertise discounted fees on veteran medical nexus opinions on the internet (likely due to efforts to expand their practices) but most are limited by the following;

  • No Medical license
  • No ability to work outside their local region
  • No depth of experience with IMO/IMEs
  • Do not do a physical exam (IME)
  • Do order or read imaging/lab studies
  • Do not attend VA Hearings as expert witness
  • Do not provide follow-up secondary opinions for life of case
  • Do not take a flat fee
  • Do not routinely review the full claims file

Further some IME Docs are lawyers who have a conflict of interest, as they cannot do both legal and medical opinions as VA has strict rules for lawyers concerning bias.

Thus these opinions are often considered to be biased as these doctors often charge a percentage of the retro-award amount, which is against VA rules for medical professionals and therefore the VA will discredit these opinions as they are not of professional grade.

For example, one doctor on the internet is described to have told a patient that  “….he wants 20% of my back pay if we win, and if I fire him during the course of his investigation he is entitled to $350.00 an hour for the work he did…”

**** If the VA throws out a veteran nexus medical opinion due to bias (or payment irregularities from a contract for a percentage (20%) of retro-pay) then the case becomes much more complex and with associated increased difficulty in achieving a correct rating.

Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A. -- Associate professor -- Cell 925-381-7561


Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A.

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Uniformed Services School of Medicine


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