Veterans Medical Advisor



                     Independent Medical Evaluation Procedure

Dr. Bash is a veteran of

The following procedures are used by Dr. Bash to perform the IME.

  1. Patient sends in a Consultation Request, providing a brief medical history and the patient’s expectations for the claim.
  2. Dr. Bash reviews your information and contacts you to let you know whether he can help.
  3. Dr. Bash further discusses the IME with you and decides his fee, which will be based on how involved he will need to be in your claim or appeal.
  4. After mutual agreement to proceed, patient sends a copy of military and civilian medical records and payment in full to Dr. Bash.

IMPORTANT: Patients should send medical documents by a mail service that tracks and confirms delivery by return receipt. Because of his demanding workload, Dr. Bash is unable to stop and notify each patient when he receives the medical file. Please do not send originals, as paper documents are shredded after the IME is complete.

  1. Dr. Bash receives your IME fee and medical record, and then starts the case as soon as the check clears.
  2. Patient asks VA (in writing) for a 90-day waiver of any deadlines.
  3. Dr. Bash reviews your file, then (if necessary) researches medical facts about your condition, as well as searches medical articles for up-to-date support information.
  4. Dr. Bash types and signs the IME.
  5. IME is mailed direct to you.
  6. You send the complete IME, by certified mail, to the agency working your claim.

NOTE: Patient medical records should include old and new labs, pathology, MRIs, CT scans, or other imaging reports. Also, a patient letter explaining current symptoms—and a spouse letter (if applicable) and buddy letters can help Dr. Bash evaluate and support your claim. Again, Dr. Bash is unable to return or store medical records or supplemental documents. For your protection and privacy, all paper documents are destroyed.


NOTE: Dr. Bash usually does not evaluate psychiatric conditions, vaccine reactions or injury, or certain skin disorders related to chemical exposure; however, he can refer the veteran to a specialist who can help.