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REASONS FOR DECISION Service connection for spondylosis and spondylolisthesis, L5-Sl.

Service connection for spondylosis and spondylolisthesis, L5-S 1 has been established as directly related to military service. A 20 percent evaluation is assigned from May 31, 2005, as this is the date ofreceipt of your claim for service connection for a back disability.

For a more definitive explanation of the Board's April 02, 2014 decision please review the "Reasons and Bases For Findings and Conclusions" portion of that decision. The criteria for rating diseases and injuries of the spine apply with or without symptoms such as pain (whether or not it radiates), stiffness, or aching in the area of the spine affected by residuals of injury or disease.

An evaluation of 20 percent is granted for forward flexion of the thoracolumbar spine greater than 30 degrees but not greater than 60 degrees; or, the combined range of motion of the thoracolumbar spine is not greater than 120 degrees.

A higher evaluation of 40% is not warranted unless there is forward flexion of the thoracolumbar spine of 30 degrees or less; or, favorable ankylosis of the entire thoracolumbar spine.

This decision represents a Board of Veterans' Appeals grant that is considered to be a full and final determination of this issue on appeal.


Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Pensions, Bonuses and Veterans' Relief contains the regulations of the Department of Veterans Affairs which govern entitlement to all veteran benefits. For additional information regarding applicable laws and regulations, please consult your local library, or visit us at our web site,


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